About Us


Vijaya Homes group has been in the business of providing affordable & comfortable homes to the people since Vijaya Dashmi 1988. Vijaya Homes provides high quality planning and construction to its customers. Value addition commensurate with price has been the underlying philosophy of Vijaya Homes Group. The Management team of Vijaya Homes Group consists of senior persons having long & wide experience mixed with the young & dynamic professionals. Vijaya Homes Group is today known for its customer friendliness and honest commitments. The group is constantly incorporating changes demanded by the time. Vijaya Homes Group keeps on innovating newer ideas to make living better. The Vijaya Homes Group Consists of various companies, firms etc namely:-

  • Vijaya Homes Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tribhumi Housing Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tribhumi Developers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Galatrix Housing Pvt. Ltd.
  • Galatrix Developers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Badrinath Developers

Completed Projects

So far the group has successfully completed & handed over the following projects in Jamshedpur:-

  • Vijaya's Golden Town
  • Vijaya's Green Earth
  • Vijaya's Shatabdee
  • Bharat Business Center
  • Vijaya Homes
  • Ankur
  • Shivam
  • Vijaya's Heritage

Architects and Consultants of the Group

  • M/S. Aakriti Architects -   Jamshedpur
  • M/S. Scon (P) Ltd. -   Patna
  • M/S. Chowdhury & Associates -   Kolkata
  • M/S. Environmental Planner -   Patna
  • M/S. Vicom Security (P) Ltd. -   Kolkata
  • M/S. World Net Communications -   Jamshedpur
  • M/S. B.K.Nath & Associates -   Kolkata
  • M/S. Baidyanath Foundation Consultants Pvt. Ltd. -   Patna
  • M/S. Sai Creative Solution -   Jamshedpur
  • M/S. Anmoul Infomatics (P) Ltd. -   Jamshedpur
  • M/S. Sunshine Communications -   Jamshedpur
  • M/S. Hotels Consult Orient -   Delhi
  • M/S. Incubis Consultants India Pvt. Ltd. -   Delhi